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lunes, 7 de mayo de 2007

Stories behind Bohemian Rhapsody

"John was a boy who was always in trouble. Sometimes it wasn't his fault but his addiction to drugs made him do many things he would later regret.

One day he was going back home from school when he met his girlfriend's ex, Mark. Mark started to shout at him and insult his family. John took a gun from his pocket just to scare him, but accidentaly shot and killed Mark.

Unfortunately for him, there was a policeman nearby who saw everything and arrested him.

John's case went to trial and was sentenced with capital punishment in the electric chair.

Contribution by Agustina Gimbatti and Andrea Benvenuto. 3ºPol. Stella Maris Rosario

A poor boy is judged by Society for what he has done. Actually, he has killed a man, and even though he is sorry and says he did not mean to do that, part of Society, which is against him, is not prepared to let him go. In fact, they want him to be punished. Also, other people think he deserves forgiveness as we all do.
Finally, he realises that ,as a matter of fact, no one really cares about the problems of others, and criticizes this carlessness concerning both the good and tha bad ones.
At the very end, he gives up just because it seems impossible to change Society´s mind
Contribution by Victoria Nannini. 3º Pol. Stella Maris

Once there was a boy who killed a man. At that moment he wasn`t conscious of what he did. Then he felt sad and miserable because all his life he was a clever and responsible guy and then all he knew he had become a criminal and he felt he had dissapointed his mother who had taken care of him since he was born. And when she noticed that her only child would be judged to be capital punished she wouldn´t afford it. He couldn´t do anything to avoid his mother's sadness. However he iwas mentally prepared to pay for his mistake. He didn´t want to die, and sometimes he wished he'd never been born at all.

Later on he became so frightened to his near end that he tried to defend himself explaining to society his terrible situation, but some of them were so cruel that they didn`t forgive him. He was desperate and became very angry, because society was divided and sometimes people love him and then they stone him and spit in his eyes.

Finally he accepted his sentence, because from then on nothig really mattered to him.

Contribution by María Eugenia Amerizo. 3º Pol. Stella Maris

The Story of a poor boy.
There was a miserable boy who lived in a vey poor area.
He was considered a criminal by the majority of the society because he had
recently killed a man. The other part of the society supported him because
they thought he was very young to be killed.
He was sentenced to die. He felt absolutely guilty of what
he had done. He was really sad because he didn´t have any way to escape. His
future was death. He also felt he was the worst son in the world because
he had betrayed his mother.
Religious fans were against him and they were majority so the boy had to be
killed. And here ended the life of this poor boy, who felt really furious
and angry but couldn´t be saved.

Contribution by Clara Infante.3º Pol. Stella Maris

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