Este blog es un espacio para compartir la integración de TICs al aula tradicional de Lengua Extranjera- Inglés en la escuela secundaria.Las producciones de los alumnos que se publican son previamente supervisadas por los docentes, pero pueden contener errores, ya que estas producciones son ejemplos del proceso de aprendizaje de la expresión escrita en el aula.

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2007

Accidents by 8º

Last year my friend Macarena was in my house. I had a bunk bed and we sat there to talk.
She was on the top of the bed and I was bellow her. She saw me and fell off sliding down.
She rolled and hit her foot on the chair. Fortunatly she was ok.
Contribution by Macarena Febre and Mariana Callegari 8ºIFEI

Last year, Belen Estefania and me were in Belen´s house riding our bikes in the street. Martina saw a car. We moved but crashed at the corner, and then fell off the bikes. Belen´s mother helped us. And then we were ok!

Martina Verasio, Estefania Mosca and Belen Liste 8° IFEI

Yesterday was Friday Mateo and I were slept on the bunk beds. When I was
sleeping, I fell off the bunkbeds .Mateo phoned the ambulance and his
parents. We all arrived at the hospital in five minutes. The nurses gave me
some medicine. I saw Mateo in the morning . I was very weel.
By Estanislao Garmendia and Mateo Gago

Last week I went to the cinema with my family in the car. We saw a girl in
a motobike, she had a heavy bag and then she fell off her motorbike. Nobody helped her!

Maximiliano Monza-8ºIFEI

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