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domingo, 6 de mayo de 2007

Cities of the world


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, country we all know as Holland. It has a population of about four million people and it’s important for the business and economy of one of the richest countries in the world.

Amsterdam has been one of the most problematic cities of the world because of political protest, which has been made since 1970 till now. Currently, the anarchy of the previous decades has given rise to a hard pragmatism, which is tempered by the traditional Dutch humanism. Nowadays, Holland has a Socialist system, which is working really fine, at least in the economical and humanistic fields.

In Amsterdam you can visit a lot of historical museums (“Histoyisch museums”, in Dutch) and you can also visit a lot of canals, or you can simply walk all over the city and enjoy the architecture of the houses and buildings. And you can visit Ana Frank´s house, too!

But it is not recommended to do all this visits in winter, because the temperature is about –10°, and it becomes night at about 5 in the evening. However, in summer it is a great moment to go sightseeing because the temperature is about 25°, and then you can enjoy riding one of the million bycicles there are in the city (Dutch people love bycicles!)

So, if you want to enjoy a very cultural and interesting trip, you should go to Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands.

Lucía Barbará, Agostina Graciano, Mercedes Vila Ortiz.1ºPol. IFEI

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