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domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Shops advertisements- 5to 6ta Normal 1


“Rougeshoe” is a shoeshop in Córdoba Street, in the centre of Rosario.

The place is more beautiful than the best shoe shop in Paris. The decoration is fantastic and it’s full of mirrors. When you buy something there you are given a perfume. You will feel very comfortable buying there.

But the problem is the quality of the products. In the shop window, the shoes seem to be beautiful and good quality, but actually they are uncomfortable and some days after you have bought them, the heels and leather breaks. This is incredible because these shoes are really expensive.

If I were you:

  • I wouldn’t go there
  • I’d look for something cheaper
  • I wouldn’t pay so much attention to shop windows

And remember: expensive things are not always good quality!!!

Mérida Doussou Sekel

Sofía Ríos

Diana Gallo


“Sport 78” is located in the centre of the city. There you can find several trademarks at a very good price, there’s always a 50% discount in all the products. The shop assistants are very polite and they don’t bother you trying to persuade you to buy something.

There are many products: training shoes, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, etc.

The place is very big and comfortable and you can choose by yourself and try on anything you want. There are all kinds of payments. They accept credit cards, cheques and cash.

You’ll feel free and comfortable there, but you must spend quite a lot of time in order to find what you are looking for.

If I were in a rush, I would….

  • Go to Sport 78 in the shopping centre
  • Go some other time
  • Go to a smaller sportswear shop

Belén Bialek

Sofía Pellicciotti

Mc Donald’s

It’s a great place! Full of games and with a lot of colourful toys that come in the happy box. It has many types of hamburgers and ice-creams. It also has chips and the drink that we all prefer “Coke”. The service is great. Everybody loves Mc Donald’s, especially kids.

But actually, Mc Donald’s is only junk food. The food is delicious, but we are having a bad diet there. They give toys to persuade the children to buy their food. We have to stop going there, cause we are going to end like American fat people. Besides it’s a quite expensive place.

If I were you:

  • I’d look for something cheaper
  • I’d go to a different kind of restaurant
  • I’d go to a place with healthy food

Marina Moreyra

Sabrina Venecia

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Class teacher: Yaquelina Bertolini

Trainee teacher: Corina Lingelfender

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