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jueves, 9 de octubre de 2008

Films we would recommend

We´ve been working with films. We´ve watched "Animal Farm", commented on "Love actually", and others. Click on comments to leave your film review. Remember to include background, plot, your opinion and recommendation. Waiting to read!

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Facundo Uviedo dijo...

The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen)
The lives of Others is a drama/thriller film set in east Germany in 1984. Ulrich Mühe plays the role of Gerd Wiesler, a Stasi (German secret police) Captain who spies on playwright Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch).
Wiesler's superior, Lt. Colonel Grubitz, assigns him to spy on Georg Dreyman, who is suspected of pro-Western sympathies. Stasi agents secretly enter Dreyman's apartment in order to install small microphones. Wiesler then monitor activity in the apartment, typing a summary record of all events and conversations. But everything changes when Wiesler finds out that the real reason Dreyman is being spied on is that a minister named Hempf, a member of the Party's Central Committee, is interested in Dreyman's girlfriend, actress Christa-Maria Sieland; if evidence were found to arrest Dreyman, the minister would have free rein...
Acting is great and the amazing plot is a mixture of emotion and suspense. It also crearly depicts the corruption of the East German state.
Academy Award winning "The Lives of Others" is an excellent, nerve-racking and emotive film wich will keep you at the edge of your seat, and is certainly a must-see, in my opinion one of the best films of the last years.

Edita dijo...

Great Facu! You´ve chosen right collocations like "nerve-racking film". I agree with your comments on the film. I thought the acting was really good.

Aino dijo...

Finding Neverland

"Excuse me sir, but you are standing on my sleeve."

Finding Neverland is a biographical drama based on the play the man who was Peter Pan". The story tells about J.M.Barrey, the author of Peter Pan, who are played by Johnny Depp.

J.M.Barrey is a rich and well-known play writer whose career crossroads after his latest play and he is also fighting with his marriage.
One day he meets the Davies -family in a park and they become very close friends and he starts to spend a lot of time with them. In the family there are four boys to whom Barrey comes like a father figure and their mum, Sylvia, a beautiful widiw.
The Davies -family inspires Barrey to write a new play, Peter Pan, based on the life of the family. It comes very popular but meanwhile there is a worry about the health of Sylvia.

The story is absolutely wonderful and very moving. The scripts are well-written and all the cast plays their roles in a very realistic way, especially Johnny Depp. The direction of Marc Forster is fabulous and the music is very touching.

I highly recommend the film to everybody. It is a permission to use your imagination - it is something magical.