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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2007


snowboard snow- covered developed in USA in 60's 70's
boots slopes became an olympic winter sport 1998




bungee jumping a cord or elastic rope a bridge or a crane possible injuries
safety harness a hot-air balloon

ice diving snow shovel frozen lake stand by rescue
chain saw to cut a hole in the ice under ice diver on the surface
a dry suit

a hood


full-face mask

rope signals

snowrafting a small outsider raft a slope and valleys
snow movile to pull the rafts up the slope

winter clothes:

* impermeable walking shoes

* hand gloves

* caps

mountain biking helmet 7 trails: mountain cross-country
trail map free ride
special bike single track
tubes and patches double track
sunglasses dirt roads
first-aid kit logging roads
sun cream

a pump

a bike tool kit

skysurfing a removable board attached to the feet in the sky
a parachute

a plane

Contribution by Virginia Moro 2º Pol Integral-Rosario

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